Ten Reasons I’m Hopeful for the Church | A Pilgrim’s Progress

Eric Carpenter

Eric Carpenter

A change in calendar year means lots of essays, opinion pieces, and articles focusing on both the past and the future. In this post I’ll offer my own look at things. Specifically, I’m suggesting ten factors that make me hopeful for the church.

We all realize that the church as it is has both positives and negatives. On this blog I tend to focus on much of what needs to be changed and how that can occur. I truly am hopeful for the body of Christ as we go forward into 2015. Ten reasons why:

1. Jesus Christ remains the Head of His church.

Our Lord and Savior is in charge. This has never been up for debate. Jesus will ultimately accomplish what He desires with and for His church. He is and will always be the unquestioned King of His people. Continue reading →

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