Blasphemy charges still shackle Egyptian convert | Baptist Press

Baptist PressISTANBUL, Turkey (BP) — A noted convert in Egypt who was sentenced to five years in prison for documenting attacks on Christians has won a partial victory on appeal but remains in jail on prior blasphemy charges.

An appeals judge ruled Dec. 28 that Bishoy Armia Boulous, known as Mohammed Hegazy until his conversion in 1998, was not guilty on a charge of spreading information meant to “cause harm or damage to the public interest” and not guilty on the related charge of spreading false news “bound to weaken” Egypt’s prestige or harm the “country’s national interests.”

Bishoy Armia Boulous

Boulous, however, was found guilty of an unidentified charge and sentenced to one year in prison. The specific article of Egypt’s Criminal Code that Boulous allegedly violated — possibly inciting sectarian strife — was not revealed, but according to the law the judge must do so in sentencing documents to be issued later this month. Continue reading →

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