Some clarifications on prayer | Reformation21 Blog

jeremy walkerI am delighted to learn that I have managed to awaken Mr Levy from his seasonal slumbers. I am sure that ripples of thankful applause are now washing around the globe from his fans. However, I must admit that I am slightly discombobulated to discover that he now suggests that I have offered what even he considers an overstatement. I am though, as ever, delighted with the faint nod of Levitical approval.

Might I offer a few brief clarifications?

First, my caveats did not concern reading or reciting aloud the prayers of Spurgeon or anyone else. I think some of those collections, recording as they do either the extemporaneous pleadings or the more carefully scripted written intercessions of men who lived close to God, are helpful models and prompts, but not mere vehicles to carry us around. Continue reading →

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