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Owen StrachanWe live in strange days. Many of my parental peers are not training their boys and girls to be men and women. They’re helping their little tykes select their gender, as ABC News recently reported.

It’s increasingly considered oppressive and unkind to dare to give boys a sense of manhood and girls a sense of womanhood. Living in a culture like this makes me deeply thankful for a whole host of young complementarian men and women who love manhood and womanhood. They don’t see either as a threat or a burden. They love God’s good gifts. They see living as a man or a woman as a matter of delight, not duty. Continue reading →

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  1. Complementarianism is functional; it is not absolute, when it comes to the roles of men and women. We are living in a time of deliberate unemployment for most men. In fact, one fellow told me he attended a conference of supervisors circa 1980 and the leader announced that there would be no more white men in the work force by 2020. When the fellow ask the leader privately, he was told, “that was a decision made higher up.” While the role of a man or a woman is functional, it allows for them to step up and be a provider or a leader in the roles normally applied to the other sex, when the necessity demands it. This was a truth well learned on the frontier and in farming communities, when the man or the woman was disabled or otherwise impaired. Even the armed forces cannot allow absolute authority. It has JAG to deal with cases that go beyond the authority permitted. My Lai is an illustration of the problems that blind power and group think can produce. A closer study of scripture, one more intellectual perceptive will lead to what the Puritans discovered, namely, that there are exceptions, and the truth is both the rule and the exceptions, creating a sense of balance and fairness. You all should read Matthew Poole’s comment on I Tim.2 re: women in ministry. Another Puritan also commented on the text, but I have been unable to locate his name or work with definitiiveness. Now, if we could only believe what the Pilgrim Pastor, John Robinson, had to say about the Bible, we might well be really prepared for the future that is coming at us faster than any electro-magnetic propulsion craft (called UFO or flying saucer). Rev. Robinson said, “Who knows what new light is getting ready to break forth from God’s word.” I have been praying for a Third Great Awakening for 41.5 years, and it is encouraging even to see a few little inchings in the right direction.

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