Empty Cathedrals and the Myth of Religious Decline | TGC | Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax“What will it be like when Christianity joins the list of dead religions, and is taught in universities as part of the folklore syllabus?” asks atheist writer Julian Barnes. What will it be like “when blasphemy becomes not legal or illegal but simply impossible?”

For the naturalist like Barnes, religion is a throwback to a past era of superstition, a “supreme fiction” whose absence may be felt by even the most enlightened, just like one grieves upon “closing a great novel.”

But alas, the day will come when humans will enter empty cathedrals and stare at religious iconography just like we walk around Athens today and examine the marble figurines of Greek deities of the past. Distant relics representing ancient myths. Continue reading →

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3 Responses to Empty Cathedrals and the Myth of Religious Decline | TGC | Trevin Wax

  1. Ted Luoma says:

    Great observations. I will certainly find it interesting if a day comes when our ancestors find secular humanism to be outlandish as we may view the uselessness of Baal and Dagon worship.

  2. parsonsmike says:

    Or … the world might revert back to worshipping Baal and Dagon or similar. One thing is sure, that until the King comes and reigns, people will always seek to find a false god or idol to worship.

  3. Ted Luoma says:

    You’re right. We just need to continue being a light in the world.

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