Pardon Me, Your Presuppositions Are Showing | Answers in Genesis

answers-in-genesis-logoby Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell on January 3, 2015

News to Know covered many topics in 2014, but, really, there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to countering evolutionist claims.

Every week News to Know features articles about science in the news. Our analyses help readers distinguish between fascinating scientific discoveries and unverifiable evolutionary assumptions, between discoveries that truly enhance our understanding of the world and worldview-based conclusions that perpetuate an imaginative view of the past.

We would like to wrap up 2014 with a practical lesson about how to distinguish observable science from evolutionary presumptions in the popular press. To that end, we’ll start by examining a paragraph from a recent item in the Wall Street Journal, Nicholas Wade’s book review of Bill Nye’s book Undeniable entitled “Bill Nye the Darwin Guy”: Continue reading →

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