Judgment Day: God’s Home Makeover | Patheos | Scot McKnight

scot mcknightThe very claim Christians have always made is that at some day God will judge us all. Every.last.one.of.us. The great, last judgment. The question many have against that claim is this: Is it all that simple, that God will save the Christians and all the non-Christians will be banned from God’s good, eternal blessedness?

Yet, I think this one of the great issues of our day — so great it has become politically incorrect (theologically, socially) to talk about a final judgment. No one who fights for justice today can abandon the hope for a final judgment without losing the foundation on which they stand. Two ironies: many who fight for final judgment betray the cruciform God whom they believe in while those who fight for justice too easily surrender the cosmic system of justice found in the final judgment theme. Continue reading →

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