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Ken HamRecently my brother Stephen was able to talk with a professor of church history about a very important aspect of American church history, the Crawford Toy controversy. This controversy, involving liberal teaching from an Old Testament interpretation and languages professor, was one of the first instances of major influence in the church from uniformitarian and Darwinian philosophies. Here is a quick account of Stephen’s conversation on this important topic, but be sure to listen to the full Answers Conversation episode (part 1 and part 2). The program is also available for download as a podcast and RSS feed. Continue reading →

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  1. What needs to be examined is how students of Toy worked to bring such views to the fore in Southern Baptist life.. According to one source the dodekers (Greek for 12) were the means to accomplish this purpose. There were, of course, other forces at work to bring to dominance the so-called modern critical theory concerning the origins of Scripture. I read where the aim involved placing Directors of Missions in associations who would see to it that men the so-called Moderates desired would be placed in leading churches, leaving weak congregations to the more conservative. There is more to it than what I have suggested, and the more includes infiltration by groups bent on a sea change in denominational life and in the cultural and political life of the nation as well, a thing pretty well accomplished. God grant that the change to a more conservative view is not too late for Southern Baptists and that it is truly conservative in the best sense of the word – not some aberrant, arrogant, and authoritarian approach to the Bible which, like Phariseeism makes sinners twofold more the children of Hell than the Pharisees themselves.

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