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Christianity TodayNo less than Western law, the civil rights movement, and Christianity itself rest on the historicity of the biblical event.

Gregory Alan Thornbury/ February 3, 2015

Men at work, detail from the frescoes in the Tomb of Rekhmire, thought to depict Egyptians with Nubians and Semitic slaves.

Does it matter whether or not the Exodus of Moses actually took place? In a recent screed in Newsweek, Kurt Eichenwald mocked the historicity of the Bible, questioning whether or not it was even possible to understand Scripture’s meaning at all. Rebuttals to the piece appeared immediately and forcefully. I, for one, noted the irony that such a poorly researched article passed muster at a magazine that once featured stellar religion reporting under legendary editor Kenneth Woodward. The controversy over Eichenwald’s article served to remind us that the Bible’s truthfulness remains on the front burner of national debate.

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  1. Dr. Greg Thornbury’s comments on, “Why It Matters That the Exodus really happened, is a welcome raising of the issue that has been haunting the biblical and Christian commitment for the past century and a half. For Southern Baptists it began with Professor C.H. Toy and the time he spend in Germany learning the then latest views of the scholars there. It would take perhaps fifty years to really get the ball rolling again among Southern Baptists as indicated by the blandishments of Dr. Billy Poteat, president of Wake Forest College and of the state convention as well. Being very religious and at the same time accepting the questionable claims of high criticism and, especially, the evolutionary views of Charles Darwin, Dr. Poteat would be a potent force for the spread of the so-called progressive views of the written revelation of God, along with the work of some folks at the Southern Baptist Convention who forestalled the effort of the father of the founding President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to get the convention to adopt a creationist article for the Baptist Faith and Message. The forestalled the effort by getting a resolution adopted which affirmed the Convention’s belief in Creation, and then answered the proposal for the artickle with the statement that there was no need for the article due to the resolution. The problem is that a resolution can be, and usually is, ignored, and it was. The dodekers (Greek word for 12) worked toward placing men with progressive views (?) in positions of leadership throughout the Convention. By the late fifties Southern Baptists were in for a major sea change, and it began with the publication of Ralph Elliot’s The Message of Genesis. I could continue, but the history should be well-known by now. The problem is we needed some real scholarship, people willing to pay the price to do the research and experiments which would the truthful nature of the claims of the Bible. Instead, most Southern Baptists opted for a feel good, God will take care of it, and we don’t have to put ourselves out about this matter. How wrong we were then, and many still are caught up in that error today. Part of the problem has been the fear that the education system will convert the student, and, for the most part, this appears to be the case. It takes a strong constitution to maintain one’s views and to endure the attacks made upon them. Admittedly, if the views are wrong, then they ought to be revised. However, knowing the human tendency to deception and delusion, it should come as no surprise that money can buy commitments and evidence. I have read where Mr. Gentry testified at the Arkansas trial that the haloes in basaltic rocks were formed in a matter of milliseconds in the creation, and he invited the scientific method to falsify his findings. Instead, they simply took away his funding for his research. Ben Stein’s Expelled tells of a number of professors who were booted out, because they sought to stand up to the evolutionary view point. Nevertheless, we need scholars and scientists with the determination to hang in there and to do the research and experiments which will provide the foundation for a new science, a more biblical science (from the Bible developed the Scientific Method as Alfred North Whitehead stated in his work on Religion in the Modern World. Others, likewise, have noted this reality. I would go even further and state that the next stage in the development of the scientific method, one that takes in apparently contradictory situations (probably grown out of complexity theory and fractals which has indicated that there is an order to chaos). With that I must end.

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