Awakening to a Future Unimaginable and Incomprehensible

by Dr. James Willingham

Yesterday I began to download a paper on teleportation published by Warp Drive Metrics and carrying the approval of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.  Teleportation!  Imagine that!  As in “Beam me up, Scotty!”  I have printed some 30 pages of the 88 page paper, and it reads like a serious, scientific discussion of the various forms of teleportation (and I thought there was only one, generally sci/fi, until a few years ago).  The fact that an outfit bearing the title, Warp Drive Metrics, should have been commissioned to do the work surely implies that there is more, much more, to the whole subject, one that has a background going back more than a few decades.

And then there is the science educator on youtube discussing faster than light travel, like perhaps, as much as 200 times the speed of light.  We also had the testimonies of several engineer alumni of UCLA telling about the late Ben Rich, former head of the Skunk Works of Lockheed (developer of the stealth programs), speaking at a meeting in ’93 or ’94 and saying, “If E.T. were to come to us and asked for help in getting home, we could take him there.”  Imagine what that has to say about the Physicist, a Dr. Alcubierre, of the University of Mexico, who set forth a theory in ’94 or ’95 for faster than light travel.  There is more, but we are facing such radical changes in the next 20 years, that we are going to be left gasping for breath, providing we can still breathe at all.

Such a future calls for a closer look at Holy Scripture with the reflection that the Bible is God-breathed, inspired by Omniscience or breathed out by the Lord.  Even more to the point is the fact that, seeing that the Book is inspired by omniscience, there is clearly implied a depth to the sacred writings that must reflect such a depth of wisdom commensurate with such a source.  All of which implies that much of our reading of the Book, although we believe in its Divine nature as well as its human nature, is superficial and not truly honoring to God.

At the very least we should expect a wisdom that anticipates much of what passes for knowledge in any and all ages.  There are answers to the trials we face, but they can only be gained by blood, sweat, and toil.  The challenge is before us: Are willing to put forth the effort in research and reflection that the situation demands?


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