Awakening to the Great Conspiracy

by Dr. James Willingham

Conspiracy is a subject the evokes disdain, unbelief, and ridicule.  However, the truth is that it is a biblical doctrine, one plainly taught in no uncertain terms, one the flies in the face of the brainwashers, the propagandists, and their manipulated mouthpieces.  Listen to Psalm 2:2,3: “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and case away their cords from us.”  Those verses are a good prophecy of the conspiracy that sought to rid the earth of our Lord, when He was here in the flesh. And Daniel 2 speaks of the OLD IMAGE THAT BEGINS WITH THE HEAD OF FINE GOLD AND CULMINATES IN THE FEET AND TOES OF IRON AND CLAY (2:32-35), the last part surely extending into our day and time in history.

Iron and clay do not mix too well; they are images of strengths and weaknesses.  The cabal that runs the world today is a mixture of power and force with fault and defect.  Right now the numbers seem to be in their favor until we remember that one plus God is a majority.  In any case, the ruling of the US Supreme Court today clearly displays the reality that there are people behind the scenes who have been manipulating things in order to achieve the goal of licentious behavior.  They think it is alright, and they are willing to go to any lengths to explain away or even set aside the Bible which has been the moral force of Western Civilization.  Their goal, despite the Court’s ruling, has yet to be attained.

A constitutional law expert, Eugene Volokh, stated in the New York Times: “If I were a conservative Christian (which I most certainly am not), I would be very reasonably fearful, not just as to tax exemptions but as to a wide range of other programs – fearful that within a generation or so, my religious beliefs would be treated the same way as racist religious beliefs are.”(Denny Burk’s Blog, A Commentary on Theology, Politics, and culture, June 25, 2015).  If his statement is any indication, Christians and other believers will face some horrendous times.  Our children will be utterly relegated to the status of second class Christians at best or criminals at worst, factors of reality comparable to what African Americans have suffered.  And just here, I say society will find that many Black folks will be willing to suffer the fate of their White comrades in the struggle to right such evil that destroys our children and grandchildren.  The place to begin is that of calling for the impeachment of the five members of the Supreme Court who voted for this wicked evil of same sex marriage.  But that is only part of the effort.

The other part is that of prayer, a call for united prayer for the advancement of the Gospel, for the stone cut out of the mountain without human hands to smite the old image in its feet and utterly destroy it and for the stone to become a mountain and fill the whole earth.  We must not only insist on a moral return in conformity with the teachings of true godliness, we must expect and believe that God has a 1000 generations for us in which we shall win the innumerable multitudes called for in Mt.24:31 and Rev.7:9.  God grant that we shall give ourselves to prayer as well as to the struggle for true justice.  The price of failure will be the destruction of untold generations of children and grandchildren.  If the society under communism in Russia was so unbearable that people tried to find solace only in a bottle, imagine what it will be like to live in a society without meaning and purpose but only the satisfaction of sexual desire.  The conspiracy’s days, despite its successes thus far, are numbered, weighed in the balances, and found wanting.


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