Awakening to an Asymmetrical Reality

Posted on August 19, 2015 by


by Dr. James Willingham

The truth is that we are seemingly tied to a logic of consistency, not realizing that he who is consistent with himself is consistent with a fool.  As there is the rational, so is there the suprarational. based on factors, as the saying goes, that transcend the rational.  Actually, I don’t if I agree with that definition from Webster’s/  After all, there is a theory of chaos which finds that even chaos has laws that govern the formation of the irregular, etc.  In any case, when one puts the whole together, it is obvious that we have a macro and micro universe, from the largest to the smallest and these are interrelated.  The point is that the whole is asymmetrical, at least to human observation, and any theory of the whole must take into account that fact, the fact of the asymmetrical.  Likewise the same is to be found in theology.  Wonderful consistency does not exist this side of Heaven itself.  God has left us to deal with the problem, requiring that we learn to think outside the box, that we come to understand that any logically coherent theory must take into account the quantum as well as the magnum (if that is the proper term).

In any case, the asymmetrical theological approach is able to comprehend with a rational explanation the reality of both the Divine and the human factor as in the deity and human it of Christ and the human and the divine elements in the inspiration of Scripture.  The evidence suggests that the apparent and seemingly polar opposites are actually poles designed to set up a tension in the human mind, a desirable tension, which enables the believer to be balanced, flexible, creative, constant, and magnetic, able to respond to a given situation in a manner that is appropriate. able to perceive the situation as it truly is and offer up the proper response to deal with it.

It is in the way of this approach that believers shall be able to regain the leadership of civilization without the arrogance and pride so often inherent in such a position.  Humility arises from a true understanding of the place of the believer in the economy of God with reference to the advancement of His cause.  I probably won’t be understood until the reader confronts reality that demands a right response.  My prayer is that God will be glorified in any case, and it is a foregone conclusion that I could be wrong in my reason, seeing how likely such error is.