Awakening to An Even More Complicated Future

Posted on January 24, 2016 by


by Dr. James Willingham

In my recent email edition of gizmag I found a startling fact reported, namely, New York University and some other schools has come up with a new algorithm which enables machines to learn as quickly as humans.  But then I surmised beyond that that it might well be true that we already have machines which can and do learn faster than human beings.

What that can mean for humanity, along with the robots, computerization, and automation that already has taken away most of the jobs, is we are headed for a complicated future.  Imagine trying to compete with an intelligent machine that can learn, think, and work faster than you and me ever could without a complaint, doing repetitive tasks 24-7 and having problems only a few times in twenty years before they have to be replaced.

Without work, there will be no income.  Church member will be unable to support their church, they will have no jobs to go to, no reason for living as far as an occupation is concerned.  Few people are listening to me today, but within 5-10 years, and even sooner is possible, ministers will either be unemployed, in mental institutions, or had their minds changed by soulless machines at the bidding of the government.  After all, nothing is more archaic than a believer, if there is no God.  And never mind that the proof is not there.  After all, evolution and a stupid ones-sided method has been offered as smoke in the eyes of the beholders to prevent them from seeking or even seeing the truth.

We are also facing the dumbing down of the populace and the decline of our own faculties to think due to the chemicals that have been released into our environment for that purpose.  Who does research anymore?  Who reasons or thinks any more?  Who knows that faith, saving faith, is based on evidence?  Who knows the intellectual depths of Holy Writ, that it has anticipated much of the thinking of Postmodernism and presented a case that is superbly above and beyond it in reason?  Who is aware that the present situation is the result of planning by a small group of people with more money than sense?  Who knows that the reason why all of this shall fail is due to two things, evidence, from which reason enables the people to understand and refuse to follow the delusions, and the descent of power upon a ministry of all saints devoted to establishing the cause of God and Truth by factual and reasonable methods and especially a scientific method that takes into account the reality that, if the rule is true and the exceptions are true, then the truth is the rule and the exceptions?  Note the Bible’s demand for a change of mind based upon reflecting and thinking through matters as God desires by the use of logic and reason, the mind, if you please, and by experiments that respect a twosided method, one that conforms more close to the reality of a digital, 000111, existence.