Awakening to Second Class Citizenship

Posted on March 24, 2016 by


By Dr. James Willingham

Awakening to Second Class Citizenship will come as a shock to Christians and members of other faiths which do not buy the current requirements of political correctness.  Having studied Black History for many years, I can say that segregation and slavery were at their best feeble representations of little good and at their worst were horrors likened unto the place of eternal torment.  Years ago Blacks were required to walk out  into the streets, giving Whites the sidewalks.  And then there were executions of Blacks without a trial or, if there was one, it was a farce in many cases.  A White lady in Orangeburg, South Carolina summed it up as follows, “Mr. Willingham, when I knew that integration was going to occur, I chose to go teach in a Black primary school.  When I found out what segregation had done to the personalities of those little Black children, I cried.”

If the Supreme Court of the U.S. makes the decisions that favor the gay community they will come after all of our churches, our jobs, etc.  Consider what happened to the man in Oregon who owned a bakery and had children.  His bakery is closed.  At last account he was working as garbage collector, and the state was still hounding for the rest of the fine, while the people for whom he refused to do their wedding (due to their homosexuality) are also seeking the money which the court ruled he must pay them.  Just think of the schools, publishing, mission, churches, and other organizations.  They will be destroyed, and we will not be allowed to express our biblical views in public at anytime.  Like the African Americans (the term they use today) we will find ourselves subjected to something like walking in the street and to mob justice.

Participation in politics is required and demanded, if we want to keep our freedom or if have any hope of keeping it.  Imagine going to prison for speaking from the pulpit against the practices of sodomy.  It happened in Europe.  A pastor was preaching in his own church and some listeners were offended.  He spent some time in jail.  Such is coming to America, if we do not take action now.