Awakening to Corporate Enmity

Posted on March 25, 2016 by


By Dr. James Willingham

It is obvious that the  corporations are behind or a significant factor in the PC movement.  Just consider their opposition to any law, local, state, or otherwise that seeks to restore the moral standards concerning marriage and other concerns (i.e. the ten commandments, the Bible in public schools, etc.). The opposition of corporations to the laws for marriage of man to a woman, etc., as in Indiana and Ohio must be noted.  The same happened in North Carolina.  One of the officials of IBM had a front page article in the local Durham paper opposing some law that affirmed the religious rights of believers and opposing the marriage of homosexuals along with other forms of the sexual revolution.  I dare say IBM hardly has room to talk on such venue.

Just consider the book, IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black, documents the 12 years in which IBM provided their punch card  computers to the Nazis in Germany which enabled the latter to identify, round-up, imprison, and exterminate a vast multitude of Jews and other people in the various countries of Europe. I read the book, circa 2001, and was mentally overwhelmed to read that IBM was paid, via bank accounts in Switzerland, and that a special army unit was sent out to gather up their computers  at the end of the war.

Another corporation that was involved was Standard Oil of New Jersey which sold oil to the Nazis until the middle of 1944.  They also had a big part in IB Farben (?), a big chemical company in Germany.  One of our problems has been the corporations which are considered persons in our laws and which exist for generations.  The people who run things apparently do so by those corporations.

Another problem we have is the Federal Reserve System.  One might call it our National Bank.  We are reminded of Thomas Jefferson who said that such a Bank would lead to the property of US citizens passing into the hands of a few.  Today, 80% of the wealth and property belongs to way less than 20% of the population, and that group does not want Christianity or any religion that would restrict their moral activities. The need for prayer for a Great Awakening, prayer based upon the promises set forth in Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt, is monumental, moving believers to pray for Divine help.  God grant that we shall really begin to pray for a Divine visitation to the whole earth.  After all, I Chron.16:15 mentions a thousand generations (20,000 years or 900,000 years depending on whether we attain, once more, the length of life like Methuselah). We also have Mt. 24:31 where Jesus speaks of the angels gathering the elect from one end of the starry heaven to the other (That would be enough to supply the fulfillment of Rev.7:9).  Think of innumerable planets with multitudes thoroughly awakened to Christ. And if we have already been going to the stars, including distant galaxies as some suggest, we need to pray all the more, and we shall for God will raise up people to pray.  And He will answer those prayers that plead His promises.