Awakening to the End of the SBC

Posted on March 26, 2016 by


By Dr. James Willingham

All that has taken place on the nation level, the approval of homosexual unions as marriage, political correctness (which means no more free speech, etc.), the fines and law suits against Christians for their views on marriage, is but the precursor of things to come.  The end of jobs by computerization, automation, and robotics along with their removal to other nations for cheaper labor is also the indicator of a planned effort to bring down religion as a key factor in this land, any religion, except that which approves of the present PC views and practices.  And then there are the efforts of SBC leaders (so-called) who are supposedly trying to save the SBC mission programs by getting rid of the DOMs on the local level, followed by the state conventions, and after that the SBC (an expense, you know).  The result will be and is on the way to becoming the end of the programs for missionaries, the largest in history.

Perhaps some of our leaders owe their allegiance to other than the Lord Jesus Christ as He has expressed His will through the laypeople of the SBC, the group that Dr. B.H. Carroll wanted us to appeals to about the inroads of liberalism (so-called, really skepticism).  Some years ago I came across the materials that related a group in Germany deciding that the best way to bring down the USA was to attack and undermine the moral structure of the US, something that has been going on since the beginning of the Republic.  Since I have read much like that I did not record the sources, much to my dismay.  In any case, Bella Dodd, one time chairman of the Communist Party and who left the party after she was ordered  by Moscow to take orders from one of three capitalists in the Waldorf Astoria, stated that the party, during her time of membership in it, set in motion plans to infiltrate the churches with ministers who were immoral, who would seduce females and males.  Think of the terrible increase in pedophiles, incestuous people, not to mention homosexuals, and adulterers of the worst kind.

The call for prayer is a call for an awakening, a revival, a Divine visitation, a work of God among the churches and people of the Christian Faith, a work which would renew the moral and ethical nature of the believers commitment, a work which move them to act politically to establish moral standards in our nation.  Such things have happened before.  I shall never forget, God willing, Dr. W.L. Muncey, Jr., my professor of Christian Doctrine at St. Louis Baptist College as it was then known telling of a revival in his county in Arkansas, when he was a child (I suppose somewhere around 1890).  As a result of that revival there was not a single criminal case to come before the county Grand Jury for 10 years.  Such must be our answer to the problems facing us today.