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Traditionalists and Arminians?

Today I saw a book review of Tom Ascol’s book Whomever He Wills. The reviewer said this, “Much of that [the book’s agressive and theologically dense nature] can be explained by the book’s immediate context, a full-on, all-out attack upon … Continue reading

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God’s Decree

Reformation 21 is posting a series through the Westminster Confession of Faith with various authors providing commentary. It’s good reading and I encourage you to check it out. Today (Monday) I read Joel Beeke’s commentary on WCF III: Of God’s … Continue reading

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Man is Free. Man is Not Free.

From Doug Wilson citing Whatever Happened to the Reformation?:

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Why Short-Term Mission Trips?

The following is adapted from a recent post at my site The Haiti Orphan Project. The subject concerned the validity of short-term trips to Haiti. The principles apply to short-term mission trips to any location. _____________________ Some have asked, “Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Wine and Communion

I know. This is a controversial subject, wine that is. But I would like to see if there are any readers who can agree with me that the use of wine in communion is at least permissible. And, I’m not … Continue reading

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Rape, Abortion and Politics

I live in Missouri. Rep. Todd Akin is my US Congressman. I’ve known Todd very personally since 1989 when our family homeschooled our young children alongside several of Todd’s children. Our families have been socially connected through all these years.

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Can We Cooperate?

Can We Cooperate? First, perhaps a little background. I’m a Southern Baptist. I’m a Presbyterian (PCA). Wait, what?

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