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Is your accountability group like the Kingdom, or is it more like a water cooler?

August 3, 2015


by Mike Nichols Men need accountability. Look at any biblical model you choose to study, and you will see that every leader had someone to whom He was accountable. Moses had his father-in-law, and he had Aaron. David had Jonathan, and then Nathan – whether he wanted the latter or not. Christ had the ultimate […]

Teens and College Students, Attention: Ten Things Guaranteed to Ruin Your Life Before Age 30

July 28, 2015


by Mike Nichols If I said to you, “I’ve got a plan for you to take ten easy steps that will ruin your life,” would you jump at the opportunity? Of course not! “Ruin my life” is not exactly the stated goal of the average high school or college graduate. No one tacks that to […]

What if?

December 20, 2014


by Mike Nichols During the past few months, rhetoric from both sides of the Michael Brown shooting has been stated and restated, renewed once the grand jury found the officer who shot Brown should not stand trial. That rhetoric was again stated and amplified by Eric Garner’s death and subsequent similar outcome through a Staten […]