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Awakening to the End of the SBC

March 26, 2016


By Dr. James Willingham All that has taken place on the nation level, the approval of homosexual unions as marriage, political correctness (which means no more free speech, etc.), the fines and law suits against Christians for their views on marriage, is but the precursor of things to come.  The end of jobs by computerization, […]

Awakening to Corporate Enmity

March 25, 2016


By Dr. James Willingham It is obvious that the  corporations are behind or a significant factor in the PC movement.  Just consider their opposition to any law, local, state, or otherwise that seeks to restore the moral standards concerning marriage and other concerns (i.e. the ten commandments, the Bible in public schools, etc.). The opposition of […]

Awakening to Second Class Citizenship

March 24, 2016


By Dr. James Willingham Awakening to Second Class Citizenship will come as a shock to Christians and members of other faiths which do not buy the current requirements of political correctness.  Having studied Black History for many years, I can say that segregation and slavery were at their best feeble representations of little good and […]

Awakening to Helps

March 11, 2016


By Dr. James Willingham One of the items that the Puritans found to be of value was that of “helps.” By this they meant the writings of other ministers which could provide them with a wealth of insight in a text or a subject.  Such helps provided them with an amount of materials that they […]

Awakening to An Even More Complicated Future

January 24, 2016


by Dr. James Willingham In my recent email edition of gizmag I found a startling fact reported, namely, New York University and some other schools has come up with a new algorithm which enables machines to learn as quickly as humans.  But then I surmised beyond that that it might well be true that we already […]

Awakening to An Overwhelming Future

December 21, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham I have a number of books in my library about what is coming in the future.  Now I do not read them like I read my Bible.  They are simply educated guesses, some good, some bad.  However, there are verses in the Bible which do suggest a future other than the […]

Awakening to the Senior Years

November 15, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham The senior years can come as quite a shock, when one had ill health and all that implies.  One reason why I have not written much lately has been that very fact.  In the last two months my wife was in the hospital twice, and then I felt like I should […]

Awakening to the Possible Implosion of the Southern Baptist Convention

September 24, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham We have just had notice of one of our largest reductions in our missionary force in history.  Could it be the harbinger of things to come?  While we are in economic decline, I would call attention that in at least three areas in my state and in two of them in […]

Awakening to Persuasion as the Only Method God Allows Us to Use

September 3, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham “We persuade men.”  So wrote Paul in II Cors.5:11.  In that instance, he preceded his remark with these words, “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord.”  However, the term for persuade means that we seek to win people by reason and reason alone.  We do not pull stunts.  We do not […]

The Awakening To The God-Given Faith

August 26, 2015


Originally posted on Awakening a Thousand Generations:
     The Third Great Awakening will involve the awakening to the fact and reality of the God-given faith.   In Mk.11:22 the KJV, ESV, and many other versions render the phrase as, “have faith in God.”  However, the form in the Greek is in the Genitive-Ablative case (if you…

Awakening to a New Scientific Method

August 22, 2015


Originally posted on Awakening a Thousand Generations:
About nine years ago, I was engaged in a discussion with a woman who was the science educator for county school system.  At that time she was working on a Ph.D. in science education and the state’s leading university.  During the conversation I said to her, “You know…

Awakening to an Asymmetrical Reality

August 19, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham The truth is that we are seemingly tied to a logic of consistency, not realizing that he who is consistent with himself is consistent with a fool.  As there is the rational, so is there the suprarational. based on factors, as the saying goes, that transcend the rational.  Actually, I don’t […]

The Awakening Reality

August 16, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham “Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not.”(Gen.28:16).  In a lonely place where he made his pillow of stones, Jacob awoke to the realization that Another was also present in that location, namely, the Lord Himself.  The presence of God and His omnipresence and, in particular, His […]

Awakening to the Hardships of Second Class Citizenship

August 5, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham The recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the US, an exercise in political correctness much desired by the folks who run things, is beginning to bear the expected and desired fruit, namely, that of making Christians second class citizens in their own country, the nation our ancestors and predecessors founded.  […]

Awakening to the Intellectualism of the Bible

July 17, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham The Bible is an intellectual book; it is the most intellectual book ever written.  Holy Writ tells us of the Being who inspired it:  the God who is Omniscient.  Since Scripture is so inspired, it follows that we can expect that it should reflect the intelligence commensurate with such a source.  […]

Awakening to Biblical Egalitarianism

July 12, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham In these days of recovery of the Reformation and its theological perspectives, we find that we face a complementarianism that is careless, thoughtless, and lacking in historical research.  One of the major failures of the complementarian position is the failure to recognize that authority is a function of position, not a […]

Awakening to the Great Conspiracy

June 26, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham Conspiracy is a subject the evokes disdain, unbelief, and ridicule.  However, the truth is that it is a biblical doctrine, one plainly taught in no uncertain terms, one the flies in the face of the brainwashers, the propagandists, and their manipulated mouthpieces.  Listen to Psalm 2:2,3: “The kings of the earth […]

Awakening to the Most Compassionate Book Ever Written

June 4, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham The most compassionate Book ever written was and is and ever shall be the Bible.  Even what seems to be its most repulsive parts have some caring, loving purpose involved, especially when viewed through the lens of some other verse or verses bearing on the same issue.  Consider Psalm 2:4: “He […]

Awakening to a Future Unimaginable and Incomprehensible

June 3, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham Yesterday I began to download a paper on teleportation published by Warp Drive Metrics and carrying the approval of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.  Teleportation!  Imagine that!  As in “Beam me up, Scotty!”  I have printed some 30 pages of the 88 page paper, and it reads like a serious, […]

Awakening to the Smiting of the Iron and the Miry Clay

May 20, 2015


by Dr. James Willingham Daniel speaks of the iron and the miry clay in the feet of the image of a great evil, a monstrous cabal throughout history, since the days of the Babylonians.  Did Washington know it, when he spoke of the illuminati being in the land. For the past103 years a cabal has run this […]