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Of Science and Faith: Revelation, The Concurrence of Faith

January 16, 2015 by


by Jim Pemberton Up to this point, I have made a case for faith based on reason. In this article, I want go back to a section of a previous article that talks about how reason is based on faith. This is the article where I discussed the limitations of the scientific method. The section […]

Of Science and Faith: Revelation, The Certainty of Faith

January 2, 2015 by


by Jim Pemberton So what of the foundation for knowledge between the non-theist and the theist, particularly the Christian? (I acknowledge a difference between other theists and Christians because Christianity has a particularly compelling apologetic for revelation. I won’t discuss that here, however.) So I’ll start this article with a recap of some of the […]

Of Science and Faith: Resuming the Series

December 29, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton At this point, it’s worth revisiting some of the things that I started with in this series. As a brief overview of what has been discussed: I started by pointing out that it’s important to investigate how we know things.

Of Science and Faith: Series Intermission

December 22, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton Between a full time job, final exams, and Christmas, I have been indisposed of late and plan to resume the series shortly after Christmas to finish this series. In the meantime, Brett Kunkle of Stand to Reason has recently concluded a short series on a tangential topic, “How Science and Religion Converge […]

Of Science and Faith: The Scientific Method, Limitations

December 1, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton In the previous article I stated the scientific method in probably its simplest terms. I also stated it in probably its best light. In this article I will turn the tide and discuss some of its limitations. I’m sure I won’t be able to state them all here. However, I do want to […]

Of Science and Faith: The Scientific Method, A Positive Look

November 21, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton We often hear about how science is based in reason, but we aren’t often taught precisely how this works. We know something of the scientific method, but we don’t know how it relates to logic. We only have some sense that it does. We have come to the part of this series […]

Of Science and Faith: Deductive Logic

November 13, 2014 by


by Jim Pemberton In discussing science and faith, the word “reason” is often bandied about without much to say as to what it actually is. Those with any education in philosophy know of the three laws of logic and how to construct syllogisms. That excludes most of the world. So in one short blog article, […]

Of Science and Faith: Natural Theology

November 11, 2014 by


In the last article we discussed faith based on reason from the teaching of Augustine. It follows as to ask what the relation is between faith and reason. For this we will jump ahead in time from Augustine to Thomas Aquinas. As it is, I’m not generally a Thomist. That is, I don’t generally follow […]

Of Science and Faith: Faith and Reason

November 7, 2014 by


Augustine’s Two Streams of Faith Scholarly analyses of Augustine tend to differ widely. These can be distilled down to two significant streams of thought. The first is a famous quote of his, “Crede, ut intelligas.”1 It is an admonition to “believe, so that you may understand.” This may sound similar to the famous philosophical proposition, […]

Of Science and Faith: Revelation

November 3, 2014 by


In the first article, I talked about the idea that we need to ask how we know something that we claim to know. In the last article, I talked about how Christians believe that there is more than one kind of substance. So to combine the two, we as Christians need to answer the question […]

Of Science and Faith: Substance

October 31, 2014 by


In this series I am discussing a few key philosophical categories. Last time, I discussed epistemology. At the end of that discussion I brought up the idea that God is of a different stuff than the created world. The philosophical idea of different stuff is often called substance. Substance is that of which things are […]

Of Science and Faith: How Do We Know?

October 29, 2014 by


Introduction It was said by theologians in the Middle Ages that philosophy is the handmaiden of theology. It is recognized that philosophy generated religious movements and Christian theology, in particular, was forged on the anvil of clashing philosophical movement. While we are admonished by Paul not to be swayed by the philosophies of men (Col […]