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What to Do When Someone Is Wrong on the Internet | Borrowed Light

If you spent any amount of time engaging folks online you likely chuckled (or wept) at the comic above. You’ve likely watched in horror (or engaged to your dismay) a flurry of ridiculous comments on an online thread. Yes, someone … Continue reading

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To Moderators of Public Forums: Power & Rights are NOT Synonymous

Originally posted on SBC Open Forum:
Moderators of public forums, take note: rights do not come from having power but from being in the right. While you may have the power to delete all comments that threaten your position, you do not have the right to do…

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Missing the Outrage of the Day | SBC Voices

Can you remember all of the things you were ticked off about last February? Other than the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, I can’t either. But I bet you were outraged about something. The folks at Slate, which by the … Continue reading

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Pushing Intolerance has become a Business Venture | Deep in the Heart…

Radio. Growing up in the sixties and early seventies, it was my preferred form of media, and the source of most of the music I listened to. I must have been about nine years old when I got a portable … Continue reading

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Southern Baptists: When Crises Abound, What Should We Do? | Ronnie Floyd

I have been serving as President of the Southern Baptist Convention for 138 days. When I look at what has occurred in our world in these past 138 days, I am absolutely astounded. Crises Abound Review with me what has … Continue reading

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Sexuality and Silence | 9Marks

By Andrew Wilson | 10.17.2014 I’ve heard rumours of a silent trend beginning to take hold in some city churches in the UK and the US. I don’t just mean a trend that takes hold silently; presumably most trends do … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened to the Pursuit of Truth?

Controversy and doctrinal disagreements are not new. They have been with us since the beginning, and will continue until that Day when all will be revealed. The Church’s understanding of the truth has greatly benefited from them, as only by … Continue reading

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