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It’s Not Calvinism But Rationalism That Divides Us

May 23, 2016 by


by Ken Hamrick Having debated Calvinism for many years, I’m beginning to see the wisdom of leaving to mystery that which can never really be figured out—a view espoused by many others before me. Such a position is disdained by both sides as something of a weak and anti-intellectual compromise. But arriving at this Antinomist position […]

Unwillingness & Inability: A Summary of Andrew Fuller’s Solution

December 29, 2014 by


by Ken Hamrick The theology of Andrew Fuller, as set out in his greatest work, The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation, is centrally located between those Calvinists who see sinners as walking corpses—no more able to believe than a dead body is able to raise itself from the dead—and those of the other side who […]

The Traditional Statement | SBC Today

November 13, 2014 by


Click HERE to sign! Preamble Every generation of Southern Baptists has the duty to articulate the truths of its faith with particular attention to the issues that are impacting contemporary mission and ministry. The precipitating issue for this statement is the rise of a movement called “New Calvinism” among Southern Baptists. This movement is committed […]

Calvinism’s New Birth Analogy is Unconvincing! | SBC Today

October 20, 2014 by


Ronnie Rogers | Pastor Trinity Baptist Church, Norman, OK This article seeks to address the question: does physical birth demonstrate the Calvinist idea that faith precedes spiritual birth? Calvinists argue that the new birth (regeneration) precedes and provisions faith,[1] whereas I contend that faith precedes and provisions the new birth. Calvinists frequently seek to demonstrate […]


August 23, 2014 by


THIS IS PART 2 OF 3. WHY MANY TODAY CAN NOT BELIEVE. Part 1 [] was about how the Jewish people missed the Messiah. Now of course they all did not miss the Messiah, and not all people today will reject the Gospel. But the reason most  of the Jews missed out on the Messiah […]

The Missing Balance in Calvinism

October 19, 2013 by


by Ken Hamrick Any time that some truth which is held in balance in God’s word is given an emphasis on only one side, then misunderstanding and error result. It is true, as the Calvinists emphasize, that election in eternity past is unconditional. But the neglected Biblical balance is this: salvation in this temporal world is conditional, and God […]

Making Sense of the Inability of Sinners

February 22, 2013 by


In the natural use of the term, ability, as viewed with disregard to will, it’s meaning is simple and clear—one is either able or unable. But in the moral use of the term, as mingled with the idea of will, the utmost care must be used in understanding the meaning.

God’s Decree

February 4, 2013 by


Reformation 21 is posting a series through the Westminster Confession of Faith with various authors providing commentary. It’s good reading and I encourage you to check it out. Today (Monday) I read Joel Beeke’s commentary on WCF III: Of God’s Eternal Decree, 1.