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Admonitions to a Disappointed Young-Earther

August 23, 2015 by


This article was also published at SBC Voices by Ken Hamrick Recently, I came across a paper in the Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry, written by Dr. Kenneth Keathley in 2013, entitled, “Confessions of a Disappointed Young-Earther.”[1] The piece is well done and gives an informative summary of the various arguments and supposed problems of the […]

2014 Most Notable News: Creation Is a Hot Topic | The Institute for Creation Research

January 15, 2015 by


by Brian Thomas, M.S. * Every generation of believers must settle for itself the core questions of ultimate origins. Where did everything come from? Can God’s account of beginnings in Genesis be trusted as actually history? The year 2014 illustrated that this generation is still interested in answers. If nothing else, recent events make it […]

Newsweek on the Bible — So Misrepresented It’s a Sin |

December 29, 2014 by


Newsweek magazine decided to greet the start of 2015 with a massive cover story on the Bible. For decades now, major news magazines have tended to feature cover articles timed for Christmas and Easter, taking an opportunity to consider some major question about Christianity and the modern world. Leading the journalistic pack for years, both […]

Discovering or Destroying the “Recipe for Belief in Creationism”? | Answers in Genesis

December 22, 2014 by


by Dr. Terry Mortenson on December 22, 2014 Recently, Dr. Jonathan Hill, professor of sociology at Calvin College, published on the BioLogos website the results of his national survey of 3,000 American adults to study the beliefs of Americans on issues related to human origins. The summary of his research is entitled “The Recipe for […]

Francis Schaeffer ‘indispensable’ to SBC | Baptist Press

October 31, 2014 by


NASHVILLE (BP) — The late Francis Schaeffer was known to pick up the phone during the early years of the Southern Baptist Convention’s conservative resurgence. Paige Patterson knew to expect a call from Schaeffer around Christmas with the question, “You’re not growing weary in well-doing are you?” Patterson, a leader in the movement to return […]

Is the Pope Right That “God Is Not Afraid of New Things”? | Around the World with Ken Ham

October 30, 2014 by


Pope Francis is not the first religious leader who has endorsed evolution and the big bang, but he is certainly one of the most influential. Following in the tradition of other recent popes, Pope Francis has compromised biblical authority in favor of man’s ideas in the area of origins. He said, “The Big Bang, that […]

SBTS Southern Blog » Creation and American Christianity

September 28, 2014 by


  Gregory A. Wills — September 26, 2014 The character of Christianity depends, in profound ways, on one’s beliefs concerning creation. For the first 250 years of the existence of the church in America, Christians assumed the truth of the doctrine of creation. It was revealed in the Bible and it made the most sense […]

Toward Southern Baptist Unity, Part 8 (Final): Unifying Propositions on Determinism

May 28, 2013 by


See all the posts in the series, Toward Southern Baptist Unity» The area in which Calvinists and Libertarians are farthest apart is that of determinism. Yet, as we have seen in other such areas, the root of this disagreement can be found in a single faulty premise upon which both sides agree. In this case, it […]

Toward Southern Baptist Unity, Part 4: Discarding the Faulty Premise that Divides

May 8, 2013 by


See all the posts in the series, Toward Southern Baptist Unity» The Southern Baptist Convention is unique in its composition of a wide range of approaches to the doctrines of salvation. As was shown in Part 3, the basic presuppositions of Calvinists and Libertarians (Traditionalists as well as Arminians) are seemingly irreconcilable; and yet, these groups have found […]

Toward Southern Baptist Unity, Part 3: Understanding the Valid Concerns of the Opposition

April 30, 2013 by


See all the posts in the series, Toward Southern Baptist Unity» The most obvious characteristic of the debate between Calvinism and Libertarians (whether Arminians or Traditionalists) is its unending futility. Very little is ever accomplished. The same old straw-man misrepresentations are continually presented, and the same old misunderstandings continually occur.

Toward Southern Baptist Unity, Part 2: We are Not Defined by Political Representation, but by Biblically Determined Truth

April 29, 2013 by


See all the posts in the series, Toward Southern Baptist Unity» There is currently a radical change in thought being propagated in the Church, which is destructive to the truth. It is the ever more popular idea, even within the SBC, that the truths in Scripture are so far beyond our understanding that no one can have […]