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Realism & The Fall: A Response to Steve Farish

The hallmark of the realistic view is that the immaterial, moral nature of all men was propagated out of the substance of Adam in such a way as to deservedly implicate us in his sin; and this due to that nature having a real, participative presence in Adam. Continue reading

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Heart Faith and Deep Change | Founders | The Blog

Both in preparing to write these blogs and in preparing to teach a course on American revival, I have spent some time with the sermons, theology, and revival lectures of Charles Finney. He is a fascinating read. I find some … Continue reading

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Praisegod Barebones: Stop Calling It “Reformed” If It Wouldn’t Have Permitted the Reformation

Google informed me today that Wade Burleson had linked to a post of mine. I don’t know what’s wrong with Google—Wade hasn’t linked to a post of mine in years. Google was picking up an archive page on Wade’s site … Continue reading

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